Abandon Ship … Matey

In my previous post I mentioned how I accidentally colourized the wrong image. It wasn’t really a “wrong image” it just wasn’t the image I said I was going to render — 2 posts ago.

I rendered drawing B instead of drawing A, not that it really matters.

Photo of drawing A on left and drawing B on right
< Drawing A — Drawing B >

Anyway, I thought I could render drawing A before I posted last week and all would be back in order. I did not go well, all I managed to do was frustrate myself and spiral into an internal fit of artistic doubt.

When it comes to artwork deadlines I tend to fail miserably. It is at this point that I am thankful I never had to make a living as an artist.

Thus, I remind myself of my personal artistic mantra:

I don’t have to sell anything, show anything or even be any good!

Ed Ritchie (me)

Digital Colourization

The colourized image for this week is the result of many hours of frustration. There was not much I enjoyed about the process. I still pretty much hate the result but am sharing it anyway.

Why would I show off something I more or less hate? 

Using the “highly scientific method” of tracking likes and follows on Instagram (and real world feedback), I have concluded that I have no idea what “I think” viewers like. What I consider some of my best works fail to connect. The work I consider “what was I thinking” often scores well.     

That is why I’m sharing the following image. Perhaps in 6 months I’ll feel better about it. I’ll try not to barf every time I look at it. 

Inner Brain Doodle Six

The process is more or less the same as my previous colourization projects. I have included a few pics showing the process below.

Background blend to begin
Background image – Imported and blended image from previous post
blended background
Snipped some pieces from the current image and blended into background
base colour and values established
Establish base colour and values
adding colour
start adding colour (lost patience at this point)
Final render - click to enlarge
Final render (at this point holding back the barf and frustration) – click image to enlarge


I was layer happy and suffered from a lack of patience. I continued to refine the image this week, but once pissed off at an image, always pissed off at an image. That however did not stop me from flogging the poor thing to near death.

The image for next week is below. I’m hoping I approach this one with a better attitude.

Project drawing for next week

As always for email subscribers I include the header image for this post.

Header image for post – spiralling into the abyss

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