Boil like a Frog

The title is no more than a quick commentary on the world in general. So there you go, I have an opinion, enough of that, on with the post. 

All is more or less the same as another week passes. I continued with my usual routine — My Dailies and Glorified Doodles. Oh and of course I obediently followed the wishes of my feline taskmaster.

Ok, there we go — space filled. Now I can discuss my latest glorified doodle and my process of digital colourization. 

The Mental Process?

During the past few posts I have discussed my technical processes. For this post I will attempt to discuss my “mental” processes. 

Note: last post I said I was going to colour the image you see below, I imported the image meant for next week instead.

image scheduled for this week

Inner Brain Doodle Five

Step 1. Do the drawing — after many decades practicing drawing I feel I have that part covered (mostly), thus no mental issues at this point.

Ink and graphite final render

Step 2. I stare at the freshly imported image as it sits blandly in the image manipulation program. At this point I ask myself — now what?

Step 3. I look out the window, twiddle my thumbs, stare at the wall, and seriously consider quitting. Arg, what to do? Oh yeah, right, I have a process let’s start there.

Step 4. Hmm, I need a background image, which one? Okay this one will do.

Sectional scan of one of my real-world paintings (digitally enhanced)

Step 5. Background image added and manipulated and I have managed to avoid working on the actual image.

This part is easy because I’m just need colour blends

Step 6. Okay here we go, start adding colour to the imported drawing.

Step 7. Immediately enter internal panic mode realizing I have no idea what I am doing. Begin self-loathing of ones artistic and technical abilities.

Messing around with colours (mild case of panic begins)

Step 8. Give myself a mental slap in the face and soldier on. Remind myself that a computer does not magically create a beautifully finished image with a few button clicks. Yes, my dear self — you still have to do all the thinking and work.

Slowly realizing I need to slow down

Step 9. Work on the image for many hours. Supper is ready, the image is done, or I can continue later, or forever, my choice.

Final image – but I can do more – always more

Step 10. Sometime after supper I spend minutes, hours, or days staring at the final image wondering if I can do more (I can always do more, especially in the digital world).

Done … next!

Talk at you next week. Have a great day.

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Quick and easy digital collage

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