Go – 365 more!

Yep, I made a decision this week, believe it or not. I decided to carry on with my dailies for another year. I also made the decision to do exactly what I said I would do last week. I know, for once I did what I said I would do!

Instead of sending you back to the previous post I will quickly recap what it is that I decided to do with “My Dailies”.

Normally the two “My Dailies” require about 30 minutes each. I combined both current dailies into one Instagram feed. I increased the size of the paper and the amount of time I allotted. The new time limit is one hour or less. 

The new dailies are a larger size (5.5 in X 6.5 in — previous size: 4.5 in X 5.5 in). Yeah I know, not that much bigger but it seems much, much bigger. 

These new images are structures (houses) in a fully developed landscape, or just a landscape, or just a structure. The new series is more flexible as far as subject, media and process is concerned. I might even do some pre-planning with pencil before inking. 


The @dailymts134 series does not reach 365 drawings until February 14/2021. I still have time to decide exactly what will replace it.

One never knows how ones attitude might change.

I’m considering “stoopid bugs” or “not a bee” and like last week I will explain more about this when the day arrives. 

Digital Colourization

Well, that was a long winded explanation of what I said I would do last post. Let us have a quick review of what I accomplished this week. So far, so good, I completed another mindless doodle and digitally coloured it.

The process is basically the same that I developed for myself over the past several weeks. With that said I’m not going to dull your senses with another step by step tutorial of my process. 

You can read about my process here:

What I can talk about is how after doing the same process for several weeks in a row, for some reason I forgot everything and struggled this week. I actually had to read one of my blog posts to remember what to do … eeegads!

Of course I’m not surprised, this happens often with my art. I don’t know how it is for other artists but, for me “mental attitude” is the most difficult part about drawing and painting. One must keep ones brain in order, in order to maintain order. Ha, easier said than done. 

Anyway, I stepped away from what was turning into a struggle and then returned later with a “re-adjusted attitude”. All is well with my universe once again.

Below is the digitally colourized image for this week. I also included the ink/graphite rendered version of the image slated for colourization next week. 

Graphite and ink render in process
Final drawing render
Layers used – lots of colour overlays to target individual areas
Digitally colourized final image – click image for larger view

Next week?

Image rendered and ready for digital processing next week

Check out the header image below which I include for email subscribers – gotcha it’s the final image from this week – scroll up. 😉

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