It was great, briefly.

I’m experimenting, that is how I justify creating garbage. 

Yep, two days ago I believed what I was doing was pretty darn good. Looking at my work now and about to comment they don’t look so great. I know why though.

Rule for me: don’t use drawings/paintings as your computer desktop background if the original is smaller than your monitor screen. The errors are magnified. With that magnification comes the deflation of ones artistic ego. Especially don’t do it when one is about to talk about those very images.

On with the discussion. 

Last post I talked about how I had run out of time to complete the digital colourization of my recent “mindless doodles” (or sometimes referred to as “glorified doodles”). I finished them or should I say I declared them done because I simply stopped working on them.

My current colourization process often degenerates into a bottomless pit of experimental options. The magic of the undo command is very over-powering. Too many options … too many options … too many options. 

Theoretically I could use one image and create an unlimited number of variations. At one point I just simply have to say — done!

To sum it all up, without all the puffery above, I finished colouring my two doodles from last week and finished the graphite rendering of the doodle I started (which I will colourize next week). 

The digital colourization process

During this process my feline taskmaster was extremely demanding of my attention. Therefore, I was up and down, back and forth and unable to maintain a steady workflow. I managed to get lost in the abyss of layer and tool options. 

Dang it cat I’m trying to develop a process here — leave me alone.

Read about my “feline taskmaster”.

The following images show “some of the steps” I used to arrive at the final images. 

Inner Brain Doodle One

Rendered drawing
Apply background radius
Import another image as background noise to create depth
Add rendered drawing above background layers
Add several layers with various blending modes
Final image using various brush tools for tonal adjustments
The final digital image – I could keep going

Inner Brain Doodle Two

Rendered image
Add radial gradient to background
Add an imported image to add some noise and depth
Add a gradient layer to create overall colour range
Add the rendered image over the background layers
Apply colour to various shapes using several layers with varying blending modes
Copy the rendered image layer and place on top layer with a slight blur to soften the image
Final image
I could keep going – Final Image

Inner Brain Doodle Three (next week)?

As always, for email subscribers the header image is below.

Do as I command or I will irritatingly meow until you break!! (collage of both digital images)


      1. To be honest (and don’t spread it around too much), I am proud of my work (mostly), however, trash talking my own work keeps me humble and moving forward. Thanks for the words of encouragement, they are greatly appreciated.

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