A new year and all will be …?

At one time 2021 for me was a long way into the future. That is not the situation now. 

Every year we say good-bye to the previous year. And yes the year 2020 sucked. We are still in the same time flow so we can’t  expect the “suckiness” to magically go away. Unfortunately a day on a calendar means nothing. Possibly I/we may look back on 2020/21 with fondness (in about 20 years). 

Anyway, enough about the so-called New Year, nothing has changed — except my mindless doodles. 😉

Back to it and what I did this past week?

I carried on, that’s what I did. The past few weeks have been all about “mindless doodling” and then digitally colourizing them. However, as of now, I am in the process of “exploiting me”. Feel free to check out a previous post about how “I exploit me”. 

Over the past few weeks I have been mindlessly doodling away because I ran out of inspirational creative motivation. Can I actually say those three words in a row and make sense? Heck, who knows, does it matter, makes sense to me.

I have fallen back into my habit of exploiting myself. Yep, that’s right the mindless doodles are no longer “mindless”. I’m thinking while supposedly mindlessly doodling. I am creating with a purpose. Fortunately I don’t  really know what that purpose is. I guess it’s mainly to experiment with digital colourization and to train myself to make digital art a bigger part of my repertoire. 

Of course once I have fully exploited myself I will most likely end up suffering from lost “inspirational creative motivation” — again!

Images of the week

Okay, so it’s that time of the year, you know, the week in-between Christmas and New Years. What you think you will get done and what does get done are two different things.

While writing this post I thought for sure I would have two finished digital paintings, nope!

Instead I have two finished ink and graphite renders ready for digital colourization. I managed to start the colourization process but alas did not finish them in time. Look for the finished results next week.

Progress thus far

Mindless (?) Doodle 1 – final image (before colourization)
Digital Colourization – in progress (Mindless Doodle 1)
Mindless (?) Doodle 2 – final image (before colourization)
Digital Colourization – in progress (Mindless Doodle 2)

The following image is something I started this past week and will render and colourize for next week along with the above two images – (maybe)?

Mindless (?) Doodle 3 – line work before graphite render

And as always (almost) the header image for this post is included below for email subscribers.

A mish mash collage of this weeks works – egads!

Bonus doodle — had some spare moments. 🙂


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