What … already?

I have been here before. Yes, it’s that time of the year again where little or nothing gets done. That’s right I’m talking about “ … ’tis the season to get nothing done …” . I can’t believe it’s been a year since I wrote about the same thing. Feel free to read what nonsense I had on my mind this time last year.

Last year at this time I accomplished very little. This year is different however as I believe I managed to raise my work habits and skills to a higher level. 

The contributing factor is absolutely due to the pursuit of “My Dailies”. Almost a year ago (Jan 22/20) I decided to start doing at least one ink sketch everyday. These sketches were based upon a single subject. 

The goal was to do the same subject every day but different. Incredibly I was able to maintain this. On day 134 I decided I would share these drawings on Instagram. This would provide an additional incentive to continue.  And because these images were posted 134 days after the fact the pressure to produce daily was minimized.

Today is not the day for a year end review, perhaps next week is that day. 

Mindless Doodle of the Week

For this weeks image I decided to change the process slightly. Normally I would throw down a few quick circles and lines using a pencil. Using these circles as guides I would build my shapes using micro pens and then render each shape with hatching techniques. With the rendering complete I would scan the image and digitally colourize it.

Basically I have done the same thing this week with the difference being that I skipped the pencil guides and rendered with graphite instead.

The following are the steps I went through to produce this weeks “mindless doodle”.

Final rendered image (graphite and ink)

Stage 1 – drawing and rendering

Create shapes using ink pen
Start rendering with graphite pencil (B)
Continue render

Stage 2 – digital colourization

Import final render into digital program
Locate negative and positive spaces
Add some colour to the background, add various layers with various blending and colour modes
Adjust background areas, enhance overall tonal range
Final image – colourize individual areas using various brushes and layer blending modes

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