More of the same

Here I am again. Time is irrelevant at this time. At times this is how time feels. Or in other words didn’t I just write a post? Yeah, I guess I did. According to the arrow of time that was one week ago. 

Yep, I’m stalling for time and filling empty space whilst I get the brain ticking. 

Tick, tick, tick … tick!

Okay then, it appears this is a repeat of last week. What did I do? I carried on with “My Dailies” and I glorified some doodles.

Instead of just one mindless doodle I managed to complete two doodles. Yep you heard me, two doodles. Rather than attempting to write something meaningful (as I have said before … I ain’t no writer) instead I will show you some drawings/digital colourizations. 

Just like last post I am writing this before I actually do the digital colourizations. 

What you see below is the first time I’m seeing these drawings too. Is that possible? I’m mentally projecting into the future what is about to appear below. Of course I could simply delete what I just wrote. However, if you are reading this paragraph that did not happen. Erg, time is not a straight line. Are you confused?

Let the future appear which is now instantly the past.

Some blurry pics

I managed to complete two “glorified doodles” this past week. The following images show the basic steps. Pardon the poor image quality and large file sizes. It’s not easy getting the file sizes to something manageable. Hopefully you have a high speed internet connection.

These doodles were created with digital colourization in mind. At this point the colouring is purely guess work. I just pick away at various settings until my wife happens to walk by and says ” …hey that’s cool… “. Good enough for me, I never know when to stop. And I ran out of time!

It actually requires more time creating the following step images than the final digital renders.

Doodle number one

Start drawing with some basic shapes (mostly circles)
Finished ink
Edit in Pixelmator Pro (Mac)
Create positive mask
Create negative mask
Add colour and gradients to background
Add several different layers with various colour gradients and layer blending modes
A few more tweaks and done (maybe previous step would have been better)

Doodle number 2

Start drawing with some basic shapes
Final ink drawing
Edit doodle in Pixelmator Pro (Mac)
Positive image mask
Negative image mask
Add background colours and gradients
Add some gradients to insides of some shapes
Add various layers of colour and tweak with various tools
Final image (too dark maybe – looks better in full resolution on a computer)

That’s it for this post.

For email subscribers; to see which of the two doodles I used for the header image will require you visiting the web site. 😉

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