Holy Doodle

I’m still doodling. My cats training of me is still in progress. We almost understand each other “purrfectly” now (har). She is still a heartless taskmaster. However, if I can follow all the inane covid rules then dealing with a pushy feline is not a problem!

Let us begin, on with the post. 

I’m still just doodling but I am able to keep up the pace with “My Dailies”. As I mentioned and bemoaned in my previous post I seem to only muster enough creative energy to doodle. Mind you though, I consider them “glorified doodles”. I manage to pick away at these doodles in between my feline training sessions. At the very least they are beginning to show more thought and consideration. Perhaps by next week I won’t be calling them doodles.

What will I call them? That’s a good question, maybe I shall call them: “… deeply considered visual realizations of the inner self …” or maybe “ … abstract ink drawings …”.

I do have some ideas of what to do with these ink doodles. Over the past few weeks without being overly aware of it I have been scanning and then colourizing them for use as my post headers. I may as well draw them with the intent of moving them into the digital world for completion. A bonus of this process is that I get a header and a featured image for this post. 

Having just stated that I better get me bum in gear and do that. Normally I do all the graphics for these posts and then write about them.

The pressure is on. Check out my results and the steps below. 

First steps in drawing – some circles and straight lines
Finished ink doodle
Creating a selection to separate negative and positive shapes
Overlay a gradient circular fill
Using the “Lighten and Darken tools” enhance the lighting
Add a layer (42% opacity and Vivid Light) – stroke on various colours

Final image (click to see full size) – the image is drastically compressed to enhance download speed. Pardon the quality. 😉

The original drawing required about 4 – 6 hours to complete. This is purely a guess, I picked away at it over a 5 day period while being trained by the feline. The digital enhancements took considerably less, I could take more time and do a better job, perhaps next week.

As always the header image for email subscribers is below. Gotcha, the header image was the subject of this post. 😉

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