Doodle on

Well, I’m still doodling. Life continues to keep me from doing what I want. 

All I want is to draw, paint or pursue my other selfish desires.

Yep, dang it … life continues to require my attention. I thought I had escaped the daily grind of living. Instead I am more involved with living than I had ever intended. I thought retirement was all about me (I’m kidding, maybe).

I’m in a holding pattern waiting for things to happen. At the moment I am incapable of prolonged concentration. I am “literally” up and down, up and down. No, I am not on a trampoline. 

I am currently being trained by the newest member of our household. That would be our cat. Her training regimen for me is brutal. Occasionally we are at odds as to who is responsible for what. Apparently she feels it’s all about her. I’m loosing the battle or perhaps I have in reality lost the war.

Floppy the Cat — snoozing

Our feline is a former inside cat. She had few activities to keep her from getting fat (a common outcome for indoor cats). She now has full access to the great outdoors. We have acreage and so everyday is a journey of exploration. Of course like most other cats if there is a door that is closed you better damn well open it. Cue blood curdling yowl! 

It is: “let me out, let me in, let me out, let me in” and so on and so on. You would think minus 10 Celsius would be a deterrent, obviously not! If that was not enough she has also been deprived of playtime. Her favourite toy is a shoelace which requires my participation. Even at 14 years old she loves play time. And of course brushing would continue all day if “I” had the stamina. 

Weekly Output

I have said enough about the cat. Currently I am only capable of doodling and doing “My Dailies”. 

Have a look at my pitiful output this week. I have also included a couple of sketches from “My Dailies” which can be viewed on Instagram

Daily house sketch – #321
Daily mountain sketch – #288

Fortunately doodling requires minimal concentration.

Doodle of the week – in progress

As always check out the header image below which I include for email subscribers.

Header image based on the doodle of the week


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