Living kills creativity

So many things to do that have nothing to do with my art work. It’s that cycle in my life where everything but what I want to do needs doing.

As I have been saying over the past few posts; living has been getting in the way of life, or life is getting in the way of living. Either way, I ain’t getting what I want.

When living sucks the creativity out of my soul the only thing I can do is: “mindless doodling”.

Mindless doodling is all I could muster the energy for this week. Thinking is not a prerequisite when doodling, nor is it an end goal. Doodling settles my mind. Occasionally the result is good, other times not so much, at the very least I’m “still” drawing. 

It seems I may be mindlessly doodling for the next little while. Other things still require my attention. My creative soul is empty. Bleh, the virus is doing its thing everywhere and winter is coming too!

Oh well, this shall pass, eventually, I hope. I did manage to retain enough creative energy to continue with “My Dailies”, so that’s something. I barely have enough left in my creative gas tank to write this post. 

By the way, it’s not like my creative energy has never crashed. It has occurred in the past many times and I’m sure it will happen again.

So with that have a look at my feeble output from this week. I may as well throw in some examples of mindless doodling from previous crashes.

Mindless doodle that kind of look like branches
Mindless doodle of something
Mindless doodle of a bridge – maybe?
Mindless doodle with colour added
Mindless doodle from last post (didn’t change much)
Mindless doodle – what I worked on this week, still in progress

As always check out the header image below which I include for email subscribers.

Header image – collage of several mindless doodles
Alternate collage which I did not use for this post


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