Self-inflicted pressure

Arg, arg, arg — someone turned off my creative juices. I believe that someone was me.

I have allowed everyday living to muddle my brain in thoughts about everything except what to do in the here and now.

I remember reading a headline somewhere (don’t ask where) that went something like this (I think): “…you can’t relax if you are stressed, remove the stress to relax…”. What the hell, how am I to do that? Sounds like a conundrum to me.

Actually, I do know how to do that, I just haven’t been doing it. Before “the Covid” sitting in a crowded mall sipping a coffee would do it for me. Dang it, they took away the chairs. 

I have too many “first world problems” to worry about. Yeah I know, that is an incredibly weak excuse. This shall pass eventually as it always does.

Stupid Drawings

One must reach mindlessness and just draw. 

This week I did my usual “My Dailies” and the only other thing I could muster the energy for was “mindless doodling”. I did one last week and it turned out reasonably well. Why not try again. So that’s what you get this week — another mindless doodle still in progress.

Mindless doodle – in-progress doodle

Also, I may as well throw in some “stupid bug” drawings.

Balance bug
Teeny tiny spider
This bug falls over often
Shy bug
Hopeless bug

Yep, living is still getting in the way of living — dog gone it anyway. Perhaps this coming week will be more productive and inspirational. Naturally my pessimistic nature has little faith in the previous declaration. 

So that is that, done! 

For email subscribers the header image is included below. 

Mindless digital collage for the header image

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