The anxiety of doing

I look out the window .. its snowing again. The new roomie (old cat) yowling to go outside even though most of her 14 years has been lived indoors. 

I thought this week would be a week that I might be reinvigorated and get back to doing.

Well, I did very little doing. I sketched, I scribbled and I doodled. Fortunately “My Dailies” have become something I do — daily! So I did do that.

I ponder what images to post today. What I did do this week was okay, but minimal.

Life is still getting in the way of living. Or is living getting in the way of life. Either way, I’m not getting my way. I feel this nagging compulsion to do something. What’s the hurry, I have the rest of my life?

There, I just did something, I’m doing something now … I’m writing (hehe, if you want to call this writing).

Oh woe is me. Such a hard life suffering from the anxiety of worrying that I need to accomplish more as an artist. Yes, I know using the word “artist” is rather bold of me.

I just now glanced to my left and crawling up the wall is a teeny tiny spider. Any bigger and it would be a dead spider. Fortunately, at least from the spiders’ point of  view it was small enough to safely crawl under a framed painting hanging on the wall.

Framed painting — spider taking refuse underneath

Hmm, that’s a painting I haven’t looked at for a while.  Maybe I could get back to painting landscapes. Nah, there we go again, feeling the need to do something.

Contemplate, contemplate and contemplate — that’s it, I’m done here. The old cat has managed to bargain her way outside. I wonder why she feels the need to go outside. It’s cold and it’s snowing and she is fat (sorry kitty but you are). Perhaps she simply wants to do something.

I’m done! Have a look at what I did “do” this week. Talk at you next week, hopefully I will do something. 

An old barn house?
Some trees and bushes
Trees and misty forest
Pure doodle with nothing in mind — as usual. 😉

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