Time to reset

Winter is here. The multiverses shifted slightly to the left. Last Sunday was the time change and the clocks turned back. Now what?

This week saw everything change and I’m not talking about politics. Hell no! Leave that crap to others. My world is altered. I accomplished very little this week as far as my art work goes. Now that things have settled I need to restart the creative process. To do this is not easy. 

Every Sunday I ask myself why I post these thoughts . I don’t know, I just do. Perhaps it’s simply to keep myself motivated.

I’m like an old cat (or old person), I like routine, I like order. I also like to finish what I start. Here’s the thing; possibly what I write here has no end. Maybe one day I’ll just stop.

So … now what?

This Week

Have a look at what I accomplished this week. I managed to do more than I anticipated.

More trees and clouds
A tower built on a questionable foundation
Quick long horizontal sketches

I have also included some of “My Dailies” from this week. 

selections from @dailyminus134
selection from @dailymts134

Normally they are not scheduled to be shared on Instagram for another 134 days. If some of the few followers of “My Dailies” happen to find their way here, then they are travelling into the future.

And … as usual I have included the header image from this post for email subscribers (and shudder – Facebook).


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