Time Crunch!

At some point life insists that certain things take priority over this, that, and other things. 

This week is a big week for the world, no need to say more. I’m sure most everyone else has it covered. 

However, I have priorities this week not related to my art work or the world. I may or may not produce anything other than my usual output of “My Dailies”.

I require time to make time for this week. So with that said I present you with a display of mostly everything I created this week.

Enough said. fat bug

Check out my work from this past week:

Some clouds and trees
A tower on the rocks
An approaching storm
A big ol’ fat mountain

It is possible the above works may find their way onto Instagram in the future, or not.  However, I’m tiring of the Instagram game. Apparently if you don’t give Instagram money, or constantly like and follow, your likes and followers tend to plateau. That’s okay though, the platform is free and you get what you pay for.

As the saying goes (as often stated by my good friend) — ”… it is what it is …”. 

This page has bugs! 😉

As usual, I have included the header image below for those that read via email.

Header image with bugs


    1. Totally agree .. I have also found that if you go a week or two without posting a boost will occur. I also post daily over at “My Dailies” but don’t do the constant likes and follows. This has proven to garner very few follows and likes. The dailies are an experiment in how IG works.

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