Header photo of frosty window

Minus 16 … come on man!

frozen bug
bugs don’t like the cold

Last week it was early snow, now its an early deep freeze — minus 16 celsius.

Come on man, this is not what I ordered. Apparently my order does not count. Every year I place an order for a sunny warm winter. Every year I am denied. Who in this infinite universe do I talk to about this?

Oh well I guess I will have to suck it up and power through another winter. Yes, this winter is likely to be a dark one. And this approaching dark is likely to produce some dark art. I like dark art, so maybe not the worst outlook. 

My output this week did not surpass or even match last week. I blame it on life getting in the way. Major changes are in the works. In a few weeks things should settle — hopefully.

November 4th could be interesting. 


My work this week

Anyhoo, I try not to comment on world events so, come on man,  let’s talk about my work from this week. 

Har, har, and har! I say that and there really is not much to talk about. I completed a couple project drawings and as usual continued with “My Dailies”. That was about it. Instead I’ll show you what I did this week in a video flyover. Note: I slipped in some extra drawings from last week just to beef up the content.

That’s about it. Below are the two (count them — two) drawings I completed this week. So sad. 😦

Trees on the edge of ridges high in the mountains
Mountain in the distance

Every week I include a header image for each of these posts. Email readers don’t see these so I include them here. These header images are usually created at the same time I write the post. 

Header photo of frosty window
Cold is not kind to bugs – especially when I relocate them from my house to outside.

Have a great week and enjoy the approaching winter unless of course you live in a non wintery part of the world. 


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