It is snow happening

Well … this is a bit early and the weather forecasting apps actually got it right — this time.

October 18th and it is snowing. Its not uncommon in my neck of the woods but the first snowfall is always something that grabs my attention.

Will it be a long winter or a short one?  I’ll let you know in March.

It’s a good thing I don’t have to make a living with my art. 

retired artist

Something to ponder?

As always I continued with “My Dailies” over at Instagram. As of this writing it has been 270 days since I started my first set of dailies. My goal was to reach one full year and then make a decision on how I would proceed. With less than 100 days to go … I better start thinking. Maybe I will merge “dailyminus134” with “dailymts134” and transition the latter into something new — maybe “daily bugs”. Check out some examples of my “bugs”. 

drawings of cartoon bugs
some bugs – end of the day drawings – rules be damned!

A pleasant surprise

In the meantime I suppose I could do a quick review of what I accomplished this week. 

Actually I was pleasantly surprised with my output. I managed to create a good quantity of quality (my opinion) work. As for it being quality, well, that sort of thing is up to the viewer. 

This week was all about combining graphite and ink. The sky and background are graphite while the foreground is a combination of ink and graphite. 

They all appeared with little or no effort, no stress, and no head-shaking of the final results. Wow!

My pessimistic nature of course wonders if what I think of these images is true. Often the works that I deem “not so great”  tend to receive the most attention from others, while those I deem “good job Ed” usually get a shrug or two. It’s a good thing I don’t have to make a living with my art. 

Over the next few weeks my opportunities to produce may be limited. You know — Life gets in the way of Life.

Enough of the above dribble. Check out some of my drawings from this week. 

Left side of diptych
Right side of diptych
Left side of diptych
Right side of diptych

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