Life gets in the way

WARNING: incoherent ramblings about to occur.

Just when I have it all figured out life decides I have things to do that I knew I had to do.

All is good, all is smooth and then yep, life says I must do this. I made a choice at some point in the past so now it’s time to “just do it”.

I must power through. When it’s all done I can sit back and reflect; how in the world was I able to do that? 

The stress scale is nearing the top.  Anyway, enough of my self-pity party.


Let me tell you what I accomplished this week as it pertains to my art work. Not much, as is reflected in the heading of this post: Life got in the way.

Well, crap … I am rambling. Focus man, focus!

Let’s try this again. 

I did manage to continue “My Dailies”. They have become a habit, this is a good thing. I also finished a mixed media drawing using graphite and ink. I was pleased with the final result. 

Graphite and ink

Silly Doodles

Over the past few weeks I have been messing around with some “silly” doodles. I have plenty of quality paper scraps (I cut paper to my preferred sizes). Instead of wasting it I have been doodling bugs on the off-cuts. 

They require about 5 minutes of my time. I draw directly with a micro pen and then, if I have the desire, I colour them using watercolours. I have no regard for the rules of drawing. Some of them look quite stupid or some might say “cute”. 

some bugs
more bugs

Oh yeah, if you read my last post I did boast about doing daily colour sketches. Did I manage to continue … NOPE! Life got in the way. I’ll try again this week, no promises.

Again, to reiterate, … Life gets in the way (of enjoying life).

For my email readers I have included the header image for this post below.

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