Never thought about it

I accidentally did something this week without thinking about it. I painted.

I’m trying to recount how that happened. I believe I had some spare Time (read my thoughts on Time).

Without thinking I simply sat down and did a quick watercolour sketch. It worked! 

The process was colour washes first with a landscape composition in mind. Using an ink pen, I then started sketching over top looking for the essence of a landscape in the watercolour washes. 

I was quite pleased with the result … so, as I often do, I exploited myself and did several more during the week. They all look pretty much the same except for the last one. 

I hope to continue down this path. My intention is to do the same “colour sketch” each time — more or less. I plan to treat them similar to “My Dailies”. This means the same painting everyday — but different. I won’t hold myself to do one every single day though, as I do with “My Dailies”.

At this time I am trying to find the best balance of “paper size” vs. “time to complete”. The quicker I can do these “colour sketches” the better (not too quick of course).

I have only done 6 so far. They only require about 30 minutes of my time. I will take the good with the bad. The goal is to “just do it”!

Have a look at my “colour sketches” below.

So did I do any drawing? Umm … one graphite drawing. 

Trees and clouds (as usual)

Yeah I know — slacker

Actually it’s a matter of other “non-artsy things” requiring my attention. That is why I am amazed that I somehow found the time to start “mostly daily colour sketches”. 

Next week shall tell me if I have managed to keep the paint flowing.

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header image

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