Time for Time

A week passes. Where does Time go — forward from what I have been taught.

Time continues to move forward which means it’s time to write something.

Let’s see … I drew, I had wanted to paint but I didn’t. Since Time does not seem to stop or slow I best do a review of what I did this week before the past fades.

Time … I like the concept of Time. I am not an expert at explaining time, I am however very experienced at experiencing Time (just like everyone else).

I have something to say

So there you go .. it was time to write this post and I had no idea what I was to discuss (as if that matters).

Pardon the poor grammar and all that stuff that determines ones expertise. I just write here because I can. I have a keyboard, I have a computer, so why not use them?

A website dies if you don’t feed it. Others used to feed the webs I developed, so now I must be the feeder. 

Whoops, I just did a quick visit to the past. So back to the present — which does not actually exist because you know — Time always moves forward — I think.

So speaking of Time and my statement above, I was to do a review of my work this past week, so here it is.

Oh and speaking of Time, feel free to check out “My Dailies” on Instagram which are travels through Time.

Yep, distracted by Time again. I projected into the future your possible trip to Instagram. So back to the elusive present and what I did this previous week before it fades into the past.

Simply put, it was a great week of drawing. The final results may or may not be great but the process was. Everything flowed and I was unaware the entire time about Time.

Check out my drawings below. Clouds, trees, mountains and hills suspends Time for me. Maybe for you too. Have a great day, Time never stops, nothing stays the same.

Just some trees
More trees, clouds and hills
Hills and some birds

Are you confused? Time is confusing. I realize I was jumping all over the place — time wise.

As always, for email readers the header image for this post is below.

A collage of the week

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