All about me, me, and me!

Yes, this post and everything I write here is all about me, me, and me!

If by some chance you have read more than one of my posts that is obvious.

Last weeks post was all about the junk in my work and how it needed cleaning. This week is about how I cleaned up that junk. I believe the word to use here is: attitude. I was devoting too much of my time and effort creating works with the intent of posting to Instagram … shame on me.

I was violating my personal artist mantra “I don’t have to sell anything, show anything or even be any good!”

I needed to refocus. I’m not obsessed about the number of likes and follows but I was rushing myself to have something that I could share and say   … look, look everybody, look at what I did today … !

That’s “stinkin thinkin”.

The solution is to create works with no intention of sharing on IG (I think) — perhaps at a later time, but none of this rushing to getting it posted.

I needed to remind myself that I create work for me … yep that’s right it’s all about me, me, and me! If you can’t make yourself happy then nothing will. 

Below are four graphite images I completed this week. They might find their way to Instagram, maybe next month, or next year or never. That was my attitude while drawing; a much more enjoyable experience. 

Fortunately only a handful of people check out my posts thus what I post here is not me chasing likes and follows. I’m here just because I’m here! Sometimes a person just needs a place to dump their bullshit.

Anyway, check out my latest works below. 

Graphite drawing No.1
Graphite drawing No.2
Graphite drawing No.3
Graphite drawing No.4

And as always for email readers (yes I have some) the header image for this post is below.

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