Junk on the table

The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with my latest work — except that, it does.

Today my world is full of junk.

Junk just seems to grow all on its own. Everywhere I turn today I see junk and clutter. It’s the stuff that seemed fine when you first acquired it, but now it’s junk. Why is that crumpled post note still sitting in the same place on my desk for the past — oh I don’t know — 6 weeks? Why do I stare at that giant dust bunny on my desk — but just leave it there? I don’t know, I just do.

How does this relate to my work? 

I have acquired all sorts of junk methods/techniques of painting and drawing. These junk methods start to pile up and clutter my images. I can see where the junk is but I just keep working. Eventually the clutter becomes a hinderance and annoyance which leads to dissatisfaction.

So when your desk, house, room, car or images are cluttered with junk what does one do — tidy up of course!

Autumn will be upon us soon so it is time to get rid of the clutter and start fresh. 

This past week I completed my latest  watercolour “experiment”. My vision for the outcome was not even close to the final result. Now that I think about it I don’t think I had a vision. Perhaps that’s the reason I’m dissatisfied. Oh well, as usual … the next one will be better. Apparently this is what pushes me onward.

…the next one will be better…

probably any artist

Have a look at my latest work. The method I used this week was “draw first, paint over the drawing and then finish with ink”. I actually made an effort to document the steps. Have a look at the following images. At least now I am able see where the junk began to accumulate.

Pardon some of the poor quality photo images.

Pencil drawing
added sky – pardon the lousy photo
background trees added
middle trees added
rocks and foreground (values are too light)
attempt to strengthen image with ink
Completed image

As usual, I have included the header image for those that read via email.

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