I exploit me

When I learn something new (drawing/painting — not life) … I tend to exploit that new knowledge until it becomes second nature — or I take it so far that everything falls apart and I return to Go, and fail to collect my 200 dollars.

This week has been a continuation of what I did last week. Looking at my examples below you will see I exploited myself and created a second watercolour painting that is almost identical to last weeks effort. 

Last week
This week kind of the same

And of course I exploited my building structures and had a go at painting one of them. This one may find its way to the recycle bin, or the “what was I thinking” pile.

What was I thinking?

Another example of me exploiting me was me stumbling upon yet another YouTube video on drawing techniques — I wasn’t looking, but of course Youtube is a master of  tracking so it knew.

Anyway, the video demonstrated various quick techniques for stones, brickwork, trees etc. Upon looking back at some of my older drawings it is obvious I had forgotten most everything. 

So a nice refresher course was just what I needed. YouTube/Google … you are my buddy, you always know what I need. Believe it or not Google/YouTube do not always ” do evil !

(Note: in case you are not a tech geek, Google at one time used this line when it was just getting started. It went something like this: “…don’t be evil …”).

While working on my daily drawing endeavours I exploited rock piles all the way to my next major painting project — yep, a pile of rocks (and some trees). 

The past few attempts at watercolour involved the process of either drawing directly in ink first, then applying colour, or laying in a wash first then drawing directly in ink over the wash.

This week I decided to go with a more traditional method. Drawing first with — wait for it — pencil!

Not only did I do it in pencil, but I also carefully considered the composition and tonal ranges. Hopefully this means I won’t be guessing at every brush stroke.

Pencil study before colour

In the image above you can see the progress of my current painting project before adding colour. I won’t get at it for another day or two — long weekend again …yeesh, where are all these holidays coming from? 

As a retired person I no longer relate to holidays — everyday is a holiday! My new thinking process is: “ … everyday has the potential to be a party-day … “. 

Warning: opinion!

Here we go again with a personal opinion.

If you can … strive to free yourself from “voluntary servitude” — plan for retirement.

Have a great week, don’t forget to wear your muzzle-mask. As usual the header image is included below for those that read via email.

header image for email readers

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