vintage car wreck

Not like riding a bicycle

I’m not 100% sure, but I think I am now back as a watercolour painter. 

Unfortunately I have forgotten almost everything. One should not take a 20 year break. Painting is not like riding a bicycle, you don’t remember, you crash several times, then you seek a refresher course. In my case, a quick trip to YouTube was required. That helped me get back up and maintain my balance. 

I think I was born 30 years too early. To have access to todays art and artists (via the inter-tubes) would have been great for me. I hope the young artists of today realize what a gift they have. Maybe it’s a curse. There are so many great works out there how can one hope to stand out. (Yeesh! — full of opinions today).

Anyway, that’s a discussion for another place and time. 

This week I managed to complete two small watercolours (and some practice stuff and plenty of drawing too).

I think I was still in acrylic painting mode though. This meant wild uncontrolled paint strokes with the unconscious belief that I could fix any mistake. Umm .. then I remembered — these are watercolours, one must learn to accept accidents (screw ups) as “happy accidents”.

Watercolours are unforgiving and forgiving at the same time. Making your mistakes work for you is a skill. What I produced turned out okay, but not even close to what I perceived in my mind, thus, the trip to YouTube for a refresher. 

Oh yeah, and paper … ya got to have the right paper. In the past I painted almost exclusively on 300 lb watercolour paper — currently I only have 140 lb — not so good when you want to “beat up” the paper. I will adapt.

By the way, scanning an overworked watercolour appears great (my opinion) squished down to fit a mobile device. Maybe not so great if viewing on a 27 inch desktop monitor. Digital devices project light directly into your eyes, whereas real world images are reflected light. If you killed your colours in real life— not so good.

Below are examples of what I accomplished this week. 

Something that kinda looks organic?
Something that looks landscape-ish?
Some quick colour studies to relearn some techniques

As usual for email readers I have included the header image below.

vintage car wreck
vintage car wreck (stock photo – yeah I know, lazy)

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