Back to go…

Last week I mentioned that I was done with large format painting. Now begins the journey of rediscovering watercolours.

I have decided to focus my efforts on combining drawing with painting. My preferred method to begin with is to draw with ink first then apply colour.

I am including examples of what I experimented with this past week. I use the word experiment so that I can justify the ineptitude of the final results.

Anyway, it’s like starting from scratch, back to Go.

At one time long ago I was quite proficient with watercolours. I had a process worked out and was able to produce some pretty good results. The only thing lacking was my drawing ability and work ethic.

Now that I am retired, and have learned how to draw, and developed a solid work ethic, I will “relearn” how to paint with watercolours.

Included in this post are some “throwaway” drawings I created for experimental purposes. I told myself that no matter how thrilled I was with the drawing I was not going to “wuss out”! I would add colour regardless of how much it could potentially destroy the drawing. (Verdict: drawings mostly destroyed!)


I scanned the original ink drawings into the digital realm for potential future use.

I then fearlessly (mostly) added colour. It soon became apparent that I have a long way to go. The paper sucks, the pigments suck, the brushes suck. It could not possibly be me that sucks! OK, it’s me.


Below are my experiments. I have shrunk them down in size. Everything looks better small, especially when shown on digital devices. They look even better on mobile devices like your phone. The colours can be brighter/darker, cooler/warmer, sharper/softer as determined by device brand, age, specs and so on. (On a large desktop monitor; maybe they don’t look so great, the truth hurts!)

To summarize; I have shrunk my images so they look better. As I continue with my dive into drawing/painting I expect much better results in the future. Patience is required.

Talk at you next week and have a great day. Wear a muzzle, or don’t wear a muzzle, it is your choice. Just kidding, or am I? Your choices are diminishing?

And as usual, the header image is included below for email readers.

Header image


  1. thank you for talking about your journey and your process, and for sharing your work. this has been a time of change for me, too, a time of returning to line, value, color on a small scale. it is interesting that you are drawing with ink first, then applying color. i have been applying watercolor first, then adding only enough lines in ink to make the form recognizable. either way, what works, works.

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