What now?

If you are a regular reader (yes there are some) then you know I finished my most recent painting project. If not, you can start reading about it here — if you want.

What now? I think that the next few posts will be about drawing. I need a break from painting. I will take some time to step back and consider my options.

Should I continue with large paintings, or should I go small, or should I even continue painting?

Perhaps I could focus on combining my drawings with my paintings. I could draw with the intent of “colourizing” my drawings. I could add colour using watercolours, or I could scan them and add colour digitally.

The thought of adding paint to a drawing is not my preferred choice. I’m resistant to potentially destroying a four hour drawing. The digital option feels “safer”. Of course the downside is that the colour version exists only in the digital world (unless I create prints). It would be nice to have colour originals. Perhaps I can work up to that stage, maybe start with small drawings that I have no regret tossing.

I have options.

On another note: today is a day that I got bogged down in computer nonsense. Right now, as I write this, my desire to write is gone. I have no words of wisdom and insight to offer (not that I ever did).

Instead, I’ll show you recent drawings from my Instagram feed. The first row is my main feed, the second row is from My Dailies.

Main Instagram feed: @eRitchieArt or click an image.

Instagram feed for My Dailies @dailyminus134 or click an image.

Hopefully I have not wasted too much of your time — have a great week. 🙂

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