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Wave of Anxiety and Confusion

If you read any of my blog posts, and yep amazingly I do have followers, then you will know I have been on the verge of finishing my latest painting project.

It is done — I suppose?

As is the case with most of my paintings, knowing when they are done is always my biggest challenge. With my representational works my criteria is usually “…doing more won’t make it any better, but doing more can make it worse…

Finding the stopping point for an abstract can be more difficult. I could easily spend the next six months or six years doing “more stuff”. Thus, I simply made the decision this morning — it is done!

So what is the meaning of this painting?

Hmm, let me think (yes I know, it’s hard to imagine me doing that).

I could use my awesome Masters of BS degree, but nope, I’m not going to do that. Am I lazy — perhaps, or maybe because it’s abstract I can skip the justification. After all, is it not true that abstract art is subjective and relies upon you the viewer to provide your own biased interpretation?

There you go, I’m a painter not a writer, you figure out what the frick I just painted. Like it or don’t like it. Your call!

Maybe the title I have provided for this work and the current world situation provides some sort of meaning (you know, virus, protests, cancel culture, conflicting information — all that never ending entire mess).

Again, your call.

Check out the final image and some closeups.

Wave of Anxiety and Confusion

As always, below is the header image from today’s post. Forget that, the header image is already repeated in the the body of this message — fooled ya! 🙂

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