Close-up of current project

I do do more

My current project painting is near completion. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I no longer add paint thoughtlessly to the canvas. I actually made “semi-intelligent” decisions. I say semi-intelligent because there is a limit to my intelligence, I rarely know what I’m doing.

This past week was mostly tweaking. I added some minor paint flows to help consolidate the overall composition. I did some glazing with layers of blue, red and yellow to darken or create areas of interest and increase contrast.

After several weeks of pushing paint flow to the limit I feel I now have a good sense of how to make it work for me. It’s usually a hit and miss process, but just like all painting techniques one must start with a solid foundation; add, remove, alter, refine, etc..

I’m now feeling very confident that this project is on the verge of being declared “done”!

I’ll probably take this coming week to decide if it is done or requires minor tweaks. Hopefully I don’t make any rash decisions and send myself plummeting down a rabbit hole.

I won’t show you the current state of my project today (except maybe a close-up as in the post header) otherwise I will have nothing to reveal next week.

Instead, I will show some of my “scratch paintings”.

What are scratch paintings you may ask?

I usually have small canvases or boards kicking around. Sometimes they are old failed paintings or cheap ass junk from the dollar store. After a project session I often have left over paint which I slop onto these boards, spread it around, sometimes spray with water, or simply mess about. Over time these scratch paintings take on a life of their own. Often I will devote extra time to these paintings whilst I wait for paint to dry on my project.

scratch painting1
scratch painting 1
scratch painting2
scratch painting 2
scratch painting5
scratch painting 5
scratch painting3
scratch painting 3
scratch painting4
scratch painting 4
scratch painting - diptich
scratch painting – diptych
scratch painting6
scratch painting 6
scratch painting7
scratch painting 7

Surprisingly these images tend to turn out quite interesting. In a way these paintings are the offspring of my project paintings. Rarely do they have just one parent. Scratch paintings can evolve over several months and be a child of several parents.

As usual, for those reading via email, below is the header image.

Close-up of current project
Close-up of current project

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