Time to think

Is it actually possible to create a painting that is unique?

Over the last few weeks I have been mindlessly slopping paint onto a canvas. I have attempted to “not think” about what I am doing. Using this technique I hoped to create something original. In a way I am. If you are to analyze my work stroke by stroke, then yep, I guess it is.

However, “Google Lens” shows me my overall image is not that unique.

If you are unfamiliar with “Google Lens” it’s an option in Google Photos that will analyze your image and return similar results.

So I ran “Google Lens” — hmm, seems my so called non-thinking abstract art is not that special. Apparently if you mindlessly dump, pour, and spread paint without thinking someone else has produced something remarkably similar.


No matter how hard we try to be original we end up in a category or niche with a countless number of artists doing the same. Is it just a matter of technical expertise that differentiates us from one another?

For example in Instagram; do a search for ink drawings, or paint pouring, or landscape painting. Notice how many different artists are doing similar styles. Can you distinguish one artists work from another? Can you find an artist producing truly unique work?

However, this has always been the case throughout history. The difference now of course is that the Internet allows us to immediately see these commonalities.

What does this mean for my current painting project. I guess it means no matter what I do somewhere, somehow, someone is going to appreciate my work (good or bad).

Thankfully we have the Internet and can share with the world. 30 years ago that was not the situation. If you lived in a community not ready for abstract art your opportunities were limited. In my community; paint a bald eagle perched on a branch and all was good (sarcasm)!

Now that I am finished with the above blather let me get to the point of the title for this post. Not thinking (or painting like a monkey) does not create unique images. Time to think about what I am doing on this project! Maybe some brush work?

As usual, below is the header image for those reading this post in email.



  1. The painting has some nice energy, textures, erupsions, color meldings and juxtopositions. I’d say it’s a cut above most the asbstract art I see, and I think that’s because you also do landscapes, and that knowledge creeps in.

    “No matter how hard we try to be original we end up in a category or niche with a countless number of artists doing the same. Is it just a matter of technical expertise that differentiates us from one another?”

    That seems only natural. How many children have an original idea? Art’s a bit like science or being an explorer: you don’t get to new territory until you trudge through what’s already been discovered. Most successful artists don’t seem to want to be original, but rather to adopt an existing genre with an existing audience. Other people try to take a short cut by just doing something ludicrous.

    I think it’s possible to make an original painting, just like it’s possible to make an original song. Some people just luck into it because they are coming from somewhere different, but if one is more in the center, than it’s going to be a hard slog. So, for example, it’s easier to make an original song if you just try to do something nobody has done before — especially if yiou don’t mind if it totally sucks — than it is to make an original rock song that, well, rocks.
    I think an original and great painting is a real challenge in 2020.

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    1. Yep, and I keep trying to be original. Many a time I set out to do something mainstream and almost immediately start thinking … this sucks, screw it I’m going all in on something totally new. Starting a project is always glorious. So full of hope , excitement and feelings of oneness … then reality hits. Ok, the next one will be the one.

      Great comments, I really appreciate the feedback. 😎🤔😀

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