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The same but different

Last week I said I was going to chill for a week. No painting and no drawing. I did exactly that — OK, maybe not quite. It’s true that I never touched my latest painting project and avoided major drawings. However, I did maintain what I like to call “My Dailies”.

In what seems like a dream world, January 22/2020 BC (Before Covid) I started a task that I hope to maintain for at least one year.

I happened upon a YouTube video suggesting that to improve your drawing skills the best approach was to simply pick a subject and draw it every day for one year.

I decided to adapt it to my own “daily drawing” exercise.

My rules:

  • same drawing every day, but different
  • felt tip markers to avoid use of an eraser
  • no more than 30 minutes
  • relatively small but not too small (currently 5.5 in X 4.5 in)
  • no starting over (you get what you get)
  • feel free to experiment with different ideas and techniques
  • expect some “stinkers” along the way
Quick Sketch -image
Inspirational drawing

In the beginning the drawings were — um, less than stellar! I did them on whatever scraps of paper I had kicking around. I worked quickly adapting to mistakes. Eventually the process took hold and I’m still doing them. And yes there are stinkers but there are also some gems (according to me).

I have not missed a day as of yet (June 14/20).

Last week (June 4 2020) I created a new Instagram account (#dailyminus134) and starting posting one drawing every day — but 134 days from the past. This inventory reduces the stress of producing daily for Instagram.

Another bonus is that these drawings can be seen as a visual journal. Each drawing is quick, to the point and a reflection of my mood that day.

There you have it, I took my chill pill and I’m ready to get back at it. I think?


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