Begin agin finnagin …

Where I live we have been set free, kinda.

What does that mean for me, not much. What wasn’t open is still not open, or at the very least open a bit more. There is still nowhere to go and just chill, people watch and remain anonymous.

Anyway, back to the subject — new painting project!

If you are one of the very few who read this far or even make it here you will know that I “officially” finished my last painting project. Done, finished — nothing I do will make it any better.

I started a new project. Actually I started it two weeks ago.

The plan for my new painting project is this:

… recklessly applying paint with no regard for any artistic rules … Yes, that might be an impossibility … I would need to be a monkey or an elephant to do that.

The Artist — me!

So far so good. I have kept my dirty little paws away from brushes and applied paint with reckless abandon — sans brushes!

At this point I’m slowly adding layers of paint to create random texture and shape. I’m hoping I can exploit these elements and create an interesting image.

Hopefully I don’t fall into the trap of contriving some abomination— kinda like what happened with my last project — sigh!

It appears I am taking the same approach I always take and yet expect different results. I believe that is a definition of insanity. Regardless, I’m doing it anyway.

Abomination here I come!

Maybe I’ll work on this painting for the rest of my life.

In the meantime here are some closeups.

As usual, for those reading via email: below is the header from this post.


Have a great week of perceived freedom from World Lockdown.


  1. It’s coming along very well, and nothing like your last work, which was excellent. This looks like a landscape, for sure, with a bridge in it. I see potential for combining the two approaches and painting an existing landscape in this kind of fashion. That would make it easier in that you wouldn’t have to invent the imagery, but I leave it up to you to develop your style(s). You are on to something. Keep it up.

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    1. Thanks for the comments. I agree, it does have a bridge vibe to it at the moment. However, if I can keep to my own rules (which I frequently ignore) it may go away. A huge black cloud was lifted when I finally admitted that my last work was complete. This current project sits in my painting studio ready to be attacked with paint at a moments notice. So far it feels good. 👌

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