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Master of BS

It is done! My most recent painting project is done. It’s been a journey. Now that it is done I shall proceed to justify its existence. This is where my masters degree in BS comes in handy — MBs.

As an artist how can I not have an opinion.

An Artist – me!

So originally my intention was to do this painting using the method: “thinking optional”. OK, it started that way but soon evolved (some might say — devolved) into a painting riddled with contrived images of things that may or may not go together.

At first glance it’s a landscape. It’s not realism or abstraction, it’s representational. The clouds are stylized, the mountains are stylized, the trees are stylized, actually everything is stylized.

What do these stylized elements represent? Good question, using my powers of BS I’m about to discover the answers myself.

The image is essentially divided into two sections. One section is sky, clouds, mountains, hills and trees. The second section contains a stone wall topped with a broken down barbed wire fence. In the foreground we see wild plant growth encroaching upon eroded or destroyed remnants of a human-made structure or building.

Now for the meaning or symbolism of these elements:

The sky, cloud and mountain elements represent all those good things one might see in a landscape panorama. This could be nature, freedom, peace, happiness etc.. Hopefully what I have painted speaks that to you, if not, I tried.

Landscape - image

The second section is basically the opposite. The trees on the left represent a natural barrier.

trees- image

The stone wall and fence represent a human-made barrier.

Stone wall and fence - image
Stone wall and fence

The stone building structure represents the erosion of human civilization (OK, that’s a pretty lofty statement). Instead let us say it represents our current or very recent global economy or way of being (again, lofty).

Eroded buildings - image
Eroded buildings

In other words — pre-Covid-19. Yep, that’s right this is a painting about how I see our current pandemic situation. As an artist how can I not have an opinion.

Now that I have applied meaning to the elements I will “Master of BS” my way to explaining what the entire painting means.

The painting represents our attempt to shield or protect ourselves from the virus which ultimately fails. To hide or quarantine actually has the potential to destroy us. Our current systems are unlikely to survive. Can we rebuild, will we rebuild? Perhaps the encroachment of the undergrowth in the foreground is foreshadowing of better things to come.

Or perhaps planet earth is winning a battle against a far worse virus — humans! Those pesky humans are continually trying to master the planet.

OK, here’s another possible interpretation I have so “thoughtlessly” created.

As the viewer what side of the fence are you on?

Are you on the nature side observing the decay and signalling to those inside to get out and get back to living?

Or, are you looking out towards nature and wondering if you could possibly climb that stone wall and escape the insanity that is the World Lockdown?

Or, do you prefer to stay protected behind the stone wall and fence even as the “old world” crumbles around you?

One more interpretation: this painting is just a pile of poorly painted bullshit!

So there you go, my painting is done. By the way, see if you can find my signature.

image with hidden signature
Find my signature

Final painting - untitled at the moment
Final painting – untitled at the moment

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