Zigged left, or was it right?

Last week, or was it two weeks ago, who knows, this World Lockdown has skewed time. Perhaps it was 3 weeks ago, nope I think it was 2 weeks.

Anyway, I took a left turn (or was it a right turn) and started a new painting. I needed a break from my current painting project. I’ll show some closeups when I have something worth showing.

My current project has become so tight and contrived that I needed to vent on a new canvas. Thus, I have been recklessly applying paint to this new canvas with no regard for any artistic rules. Yes, that might be an impossibility … I would need to be a monkey or an elephant to do that.

I still have to make decisions such as what colour to choose, where to put it and how. Currently my basic rules are: multiple paint layers to create real world textures (not illusionary texture), light on dark, dark on light, no brush work (except to glaze), no up, no down, no left or right.

Eventually these textures will create shapes which I will then exploit — I don’t know what that means, I’ll just do it!

This week I hope to finish my current painting project (provided I don’t get carried away tweaking), and yep, I have made that claim before.

As usual below are some drawings from this week and at the very bottom you will find the header image for those that read this via email.

Houses and bridge - image
Houses and bridge
Houses huddled - image
Houses huddled
peeking houses - image
Peeking houses
house on a rock - image
House on a rock
mountain - image
A Mountain

For email readers: if you are still in World Lockdown and have the time, check out my website for more great stuff (OK, maybe not that great).

Header for Zigg Left post

Have a great week, I hear the world is slowly being set free — how free, is the question!

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