I ended at the start

I started this painting several weeks ago, or is it months?

I thought preliminary sketches I was doing at the time could be the image for my latest painting. Apparently that did not happen, or did it?

Soon after I started this painting, I got lazy or I chickened out and started jabbing paint on the canvas. I blabbered incoherently about how hard it was.

For several sessions I justified the process claiming all I wanted to do was “not think”. I would let the painting reveal itself. I thought I was on the road to a completely abstract image. And then lo and behold — look at it. It’s totally representational — whaaat?


Instead of an abstract painting it’s something representational, yet at the same time “not really real”. Perhaps it’s just a reflection of my inadequate painting skills.

I ended up with most of the elements I had been playing with in my sketches: sky/clouds, mountains, hills, trees, rock formations, a fence line, “a fricking landscape”!


So why did this happen — who knows? Perhaps the virus thing (you know – World Lockdown), or my focus on drawing and playing the Instagram game, or trying too hard to be clever. Laziness perhaps?

Anyway, I’m almost done. I tinkered with the rock formations, added some “grassy shrubbery like” foreground elements — and — a fence line. Why a fence? I don’t know, but I can probably make something up. With just a few finishing touches this week I hope to stamp it complete and move on — finally!

So next week I might analyze my painting and explain what it means (aka — BS) 😉

Oh yeah, and as usual I did plenty of drawings.



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