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Five hours down the tube?

World Lockdown continues — like I need to tell you that (unless of course you are reading this far into the future).

Anyway, not much happening this week. Ventured outside to scoop up a few essentials (beer, cookies, noodles, you know — the good stuff)!

I did manage to allocate more time to working on my current painting project. So this is what happened. I spent 5 hours trapped in the bottom right corner fighting it to the death. I think I won. Although that it is open to debate.

5 hours to paint rocks in the bottom right corner – yeesh!

Oh well that’s how it goes. Sometimes a person can get trapped in their unrelenting desire to make something right. That was me.

One day later and another 5 hours was completely the opposite. Everything just fell into place. Perhaps I learned something from the previous day.

5 hours – trees and rocks – quick and easy!

So there you go, another week passes and the beat goes on. As usual I have included some of my drawings from this week. (View more at Instagram).

Trees in rocks
Trees in rocks
Tree in rocks
Tree in rocks
house-on-rocks 1
house-on-rocks and a tree
house-on-rocks and a tree

One more thing — for email subscribers this is the header image if you were to visit the site. 😉

Header image -- virus like images
Attacking the virus

More dribble coming your way next week.


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