World Lockdown

World Lockdown — that’s what I’m going to refer to this virus thing as. This is my term, I’m sure it has been used elsewhere but that’s what I’m going with. I believe it has been about four weeks since it started affecting us (or when we actually started taking the virus seriously). By us I mean those of us living in North America.

The world as we knew it four weeks ago — gone forever. I think it was then that the “multi-verse intersection” shifted one degree. For now we are living in a new world. It will shift another degree when we emerge from the confines of our home. It is then that we need to look around and notice what this new/different world is. What will it be?

Oh yeah as far as the real world outside — dang it’s still “wintery” — c’mon!

Alright back to the point of this blog dribble. What is the progress of my latest art endeavours? Hang on I’m about to tell you.

My current painting project was just a one day splurge for a few hours. I started with a plan but quickly devolved into basically closing my eyes (thinking eyes) and just hacking paint onto the lower portion of the canvas.

I squeezed out several colours onto my palette and just started jabbing away at the canvas with a loaded brush. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was heading. No that’s not true. The direction I had in mind was that the light was coming from the top left. This meant all dark shades would be on the right and all light shades would be on the top left — more or less.

My self-imposed limitation was “keep piling on the paint until my palette was empty”. My palette went dry — so I stopped.

Have a look below and you can view the outcome of my endeavours.

landscape progress april-2020

I also kept to my usual drawing routine. I have included some of those drawings for you to peruse.

landscape – trees on rocks
landscape river bed

See you next week, maybe I will be done with my painting project.

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