What to do…that is the question?

I actually did some work on my latest painting project this week. Although now that I look at it, it looks like I did nothing compared to last week. It was a struggle for sure. I was continually fighting my inner-self. Should it be a relatively recognizable landscape, or should it be more of an abstract landscape, or should I just dump paint on it.

Anyway, I did spend more time painting this week than usual. So there is that! I’m constantly arguing with myself to not do “just another landscape”. I’m trying to do something unique. Is that even possible in the 21st century. Why should I even care? I need to remind myself of my art philosophy:

“I don’t have to sell anything, show anything or even be any good.”

Ed Ritchie -that’s me!

Who is this painting really for? It’s for me of course. If I stick to my philosophy then obviously it does not matter what I paint. According to my mantra I should be able to create crappy/wonderful landscapes or profoundly wonderful/crappy (har) abstracts.

By the way, did I mention most of the world is in lock-down mode. If you are reading this in the future — like way in the future — there are probably drones flying around making sure that no one leaves their house. Perhaps our dreams of a Utopia are long gone and we live in some weird Dystopia. Could it be that surveillance is the norm. If our neighbours appear to be having fun or congregate in groups, do we rat them out?

Yep, I just had an opinion on world events. My bad.

Ack, enough of that. Look at the pretty pics below.

Current state of painting project
Response to a challenge by an Instagram artist with lots O’ followers. Gave me a huge bump — thanks to Brejanz
First watercolour in 25 years. No colour for the foreground because I used a non-waterproof pen — oops.
A drawing that I feel invokes the feeling of Dystopia


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