Do what you can do

You can only do what you can do.

What can I possibly talk about that has any value? The Apocalypse has arrived. Okay, maybe not — yet!

I tend to be a doom and gloom kind of person so that’s my outlook. I’m old — okay older for sure and in the group that might not survive. I’m fine with that, it’s been a good run.

I have been practicing self-isolation and social distancing for years. Keeping my distance from others is not a problem for me. It’s not the virus that worries me (well, maybe more than I care to admit). What worries me is what the world will look like after all of this is over.

Anyway, there I go again expressing an opinion.

Enough! Back to why I write this dribble. This site (or blog) call it what you want is my modest attempt at talking about my drawing and painting. At the moment I’m more prolific at drawing than painting, I could produce more paintings and might in the future. Currently drawing feels the easiest which is weird because I can remember a time when painting was easy and drawing was hard.

Drawing has become much easier over the last few months for several reasons. I’m not going to get into that now — maybe next week or the next or never. More than ever the future is cloudy. Two weeks ago the world changed (even earlier for other parts of the world — oops opinion — sorry). By the way, this change for me coincided with the “Time Change” (March 8th). Kinda feels like there was a massive shift in the Time/Space Continuum.

Anyway, yep, I did do more work on my latest painting project. However, I’m no further ahead than I was this time last week. Basically I’m still just doodling with colour on canvas. Perhaps this week I can settle into something substantial. Maybe I’ll do a landscape based upon some of my recent drawings.

Have a look at two of my most recent drawings and the progress of my current painting.

Do what you can do

Talk at you next week.

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