No thinking required

No need for me to expand on what this week was all about. It was not about my pointless painting endeavours. It was about what the entire planet was thinking. We are all gonna die. Let’s buy toilet paper, clean out the grocery store shelves and leave nothing for those that think before they act. Enough said (yep I just expressed my opinion, please ignore).

So back to the point. Yes, I did start my newest painting project — finally! I have figured out what my project is about — “thinking optional”.

So what the crap is meant by “thinking optional” you may be thinking? It means I don’t want to think while painting. I just want to paint. My plan is to simply grab a paint brush, some colour and start dabbling with as little “conscious” thought as possible. Hopefully the only thinking required is what brush and what colours to use. Perhaps, just maybe, the painting will emerge from the canvas and present itself.

Thinking is optional - image
Thinking is optional

I say to hell with composition, technique or rules regardless of it being abstract or high realism. Is that possible? Probably not, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. Fortunately I’m retired so let me repeat my favourite quote (by me):

I don’t have to sell anything, show anything or even be any good.

Ed Ritchie

In order to amuse your eyes for a few seconds please have a look at some of my drawings from this week.


  1. Beautiful drawings and the photo is incredible. Despite (or maybe because?) what’s going on in this world…..your art is still superb!


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