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I lost it!

Yep it’s sad to say but I have lost it. At one time I had it and now it is gone. What could I possibly be talking about? What did I loose? Did I loose a ring, my hair, my capacity to care about anything, or my mind? Perhaps I lost the ability to paint.


I lost an hour of my day. Yep, it’s that time of the year again and I’m sure there is plenty of discussion about it. There will be no profound discussion about the subject from me except of course how it affects me. After all this blog is all about me, er, I mean my art.

Egads my brain is in a fog and I can barely think. I write a post every Sunday morning so I’m starting this process an hour early. I’m on my second cup of coffee already. Anyway, I added my 2 cents worth so I’ll move on.

What did I do this week, well, I’m going to tell you and show you?

Did I start my next painting project — sort of?
Did I draw some stuff — sure did?

So what will I show you? I’m going to show you all the drawings I did this week. It’s much easier to show than tell – time change – arg!

Below are more drawings of buildings and mountains (and some rocks).

House sketch
House sketch 4



Oh yes I was going to mention something about my latest painting. I brushed random colour onto a canvas. Zero thought was involved and I simply jabbed away with a brush. I no longer have a blank canvas but where I’m going with it is still a blank.

just-messing-with-color image

Perhaps more mindless brush work is in order for this week.

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