A digitally altered version of a painting

OK, so what!

Here I am again, one week later. Time to write something of significance. Of course it would be silly of me to think that anything I have written is of great value. I’ll give it a shot anyway.

Where to begin? My goal since starting this website was to show my art and document the process of my current painting projects. The site actually morphed into a weekly blog. That was never my intention but WordPress made me do it. Yep that’s who I blame because certainly I cannot blame myself. I do my best never to take responsibility for my ineptitude (that’s an attempt at a joke just so ya know).

Har! So have I started yet, um, kind of. I have done nothing more than add some random colour to a blank canvas. I had hoped this would kick start the creative juices and get me painting.

Not a chance!

(Note: the header image is not what I did this week … I simply found a previous painting and digitally modified it).

Instead I continue to draw. And so yep, you get to see more drawings.

Check in next week, maybe, just maybe I might have a painting started — hahaha nothing like a good joke to start the week.


  1. Well, I for one love your drawings…..so I don’t mind waiting for your next painting……while admiring your drawings…☺️


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