Another week passes…

Another week passes and no painting project started. This statement is not entirely true. I did clear my work space and place a canvas on my work table. Now I can stare at the blank canvas. Perhaps a painting will magically appear. Of course this may not happen if I don’t at least remove the plastic covering.

What I did manage to do this week was some quick sketches of mountains, rock formations, houses (buildings, chalets, or whatever you want to call them). I then used these quick sketches as studies to create two finished drawings.

The method I have been playing with lately is to do a quick line drawing in graphite first. Then I render the drawing with an H or HB pencil. Once I am satisfied with the overall look I add line work using a fine tip ink gel pen. Drawing over highly rendered graphite can be hard on tips so a cheap throw away pen works for me. I also reinforce the shading by adding contour lines. I do my best to avoid crosshatching which can quickly flatten the graphite shading.

The first drawing is of large rock formations (imagined of course … have you ever seen rock formations like this).

My second finished drawing combined my quick sketches into one composition of mountains, rocks and a building.

So have a look at my drawings and sketches. Hopefully you are still awake. 😉


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