Drawing of mountains

Nothing new here…

Originally I started this website to showcase my art. You can read my “About” page to learn more. I never intended to do a weekly blog but here I am writing every week. I have never considered myself a writer so pardon poor grammar, incorrect punctuation and pointless content. It seems WordPress is happiest as a blogging tool. I think that was always it’s original purpose.

So to the point or is there a point? Um, oh yeah, nope … I have not started a new painting project. What have I been doing in the meantime you may ask (do you really ask)? Well, I have been doing plenty of “planning” or am I simply using that as an excuse. Feel free to read my previous post “Procrastination is the Situation”.

So I may as well show some sketches and drawings I am doing which I consider planning for my next painting project. If anything these sketches will help me decide what not to do. Most of my sketches and drawings take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours and rarely more than one sitting. To translate this to painting which can take hours, days, weeks and months is a challenge.

The feeling of instant gratification is easily created by drawing. For me, this does not happen with painting. Painting is more like a job. That’s why I consider my paintings to be “projects”. Yes, I could do single session paintings but currently that method doesn’t work for me. To me a good painting requires time. Of course that could change as I move forward. So if anyone has the gumption to continue reading my weekly dribble stay tuned.

I was going to write more but golly gee as I mentioned up top I ain’t no writer. I’ll show you drawings instead. Oh yeah and feel free to check out other drawings over at Instagram – @eRitchieArt

If you read this post via email the gallery of drawings may not show. If that is the situation head over to the website.

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