Winter, barn and Bandit

Procrastination is the Situation

Last week I wrote that I had better get started on my next painting project or I would have nothing to write about this week. Dang it, this seems to be the case.

I could write about what I’m doing with my drawings. However, they are just quick sketches, but I’m being very productive. Of course by being productive I avoid starting my painting.

Originally I told myself these drawings were studies. My drawings no longer reflect that thought. It has simply become me drawing for the pure joy of drawing.

Drawing has taken over. My drawing and painting are constantly battling for dominance.

I made the bold declaration 3 weeks ago that my last painting project was done. I should be writing about a new painting. Of course I am not. I think we all know what word describes the situation; yep — procrastination!

Another possibility may be the fact that my last project is not “really” done! I did something to it that may require me to do more. If that becomes the situation then I will write about it.

I have included a few photos of my drawing studio.

Image of my drawing studio
Drawing table
Drawing studio

Next week I will get started on my project, but wait, I can’t get started I still have other things I need to do!

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