Header image with 3 paintings

Time travelling … still thinking.

I’m still pondering my next painting project. Getting started is always a challenge for me. A common thought is that an artist should be consistent with their painting style and subject so that the work sells. Har, my slogan is: I don’t have to sell anything, show anything or even be any good!

My previous paintings have been abstract in nature but I think I want to do something recognizable. It won’t be anything photo-realistic but I do want the painting to have an abstract quality. Well, at least that is how I want to start. You never know I might revert back to pure abstract. That’s not because it’s any easier but rather it just might seem right.

I have been doing a lot of representational sketches over the past few weeks to get my head out of the abstract world. It is possible that one of these sketches will be the actual subject. Time will tell.

  • Table Sketches 1
  • Table Sketches 2
  • Table Sketches 3
  • Table Sketches 4

So whilst I ponder the universe and the meaning of life I thought I would show a few of my works from the 80’s — and yes that’s the 1980’s — that’s like in the last century. Yoinks!

  • Three Trees
  • Tree in Snow
  • Painting of Stump

One more thing: I have the very lofty thought that I might actually start my painting this week, I better or I might have nothing to write about next Sunday.


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