Sketch of a village?

The in-between

So … I finally gave in and officially called my last painting project: DONE!

Time to move on.

I am now in the in-between, the stage where I’m ready to start a new painting project but don’t know what. What I do know is the size of the canvas: 20 in. X 40 in. (50.8 cm X 101.6 cm). I need to decide if I should continue with my current theme of “abstract abominations” or go in a completely new direction or somewhere in-between.

My first reaction after the epic journey with my last painting is to do something completely different, perhaps something “landscape-ish”, or even gasp; representational!

I have two canvases of the same size — maybe I can work on 2 paintings at once. This will allow me to take a break if one image gets to the “tedious and I hate this painting” stage. I don’t know, I’m in-between.

In the meantime I have been working on some sketches over the past 2 weeks. These sketches might be the inspiration I need to start my painting project. I don’t know, I’m in-between.

Check out the following photos of recent idea sketches.

(sorry email followers and Tumblr, if you want to see the images as a slideshow please visit the web site: )

BONUS: Video fly-over the above slideshow images.


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