How to know when it is done?

How long has it been — too long! Anyway, I think I am done.

How do I know when I am done? For me it’s when I look at the work and say to myself: “adding more doesn’t make it any better but adding more can (will) make it worse”.

Here are a few other things that I might say or think to myself.

  • when the thought of doing more just makes me want to not do more (or puke)
  • when I’m repulsed by every brush stroke
  • when I want to take a ten inch brush and paint it red
  • all I see is the negative
  • when I procrastinate
  • when I go back to drawing
  • when I start to think my next painting will be completely different — perhaps a painting of bunnies frolicking in the snow
  • when my previous painting looks like a masterpiece compared to the current work
  • when I ask myself why in the world did I even do this abomination
  • and finally; whatever made me think I was ever capable of painting or being an artist

Big SIGH!!!

Okay back to the task at hand — when will this thing be over? It is over, except I need to think about the background. I’ll take a good photo of the painting, bring it into a paint program and try different background treatments. If a light goes on I may circle back to the real life painting and do the background — or not.

adding more doesn’t make it any better but adding more can (will) make it worse.

Ed Ritchie – artist?

I started this abomination here:
Glorified Doodle – new painting started!

glorified-doodle - finished drawing
Glorified Doodle – original drawing

What 3 months got me – sigh!

Glorified Doodle - final??
Glorified Doodle – final??

You can follow me if you wish to see the next steps. Or if you have found your way here long after this post then follow the links below.

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