Get Up Get Going

So it’s the new year — um, big deal. It’s just another day and the holiday season is over and I can get back at it.

top left – closeup

So as I alluded to in my previous post it would be a mystery (okay, maybe not for you) as to whether or not I would get anything done. Good news (for me anyway) I did! What did I accomplish, um not much, but something?

What I did accomplish was to work on the top left of the composition. I upped the values to make them brighter, more colourful and more refined. Amazingly I was pleased with the results. Not so much with my technique but rather my choice of colour and values. There is still lots to do but I am so very close. Once I finish this section I’ll start the process of tweaking. After tweaking comes glazing to define form, values and lighting. Once that is done I can clean everything up with black outlines.

All of the above is mostly labour. The one last creative choice is what to do with the background (negative space if you prefer to call it that). Do I leave it as is or do “something” with it?At this point I’ll just think about it. Perhaps when I am ready I’ll experiment with background options using image manipulation in the computer.

By the way, did I mention that I’m back to the feeling of “bleh, I’m so over this thing”? Painting is hard. It’s only when I get away from my work for an extended period or start a new painting that I forget about all the things I did wrong.

You can follow me if you wish to see the next steps. Or if you have found your way here long after this post then follow the links below.


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