’tis the season for getting nothing done…

That special time of the year is upon us again. ‘Tis at this time that I tend to accomplish nothing. I had great expectations of slipping in a session or two during the holiday season — Ha, nope! Food, candy, chocolate and socializing have the spotlight this week.


So what does one write about, nothing much apparently! I thought perhaps a video flyover or two of my project might be of interest. If you are reading this via email you need to visit the website to view the videos. –

Singularity – video flyover 2

Singularity – video flyover 3

Singularity – video flyover 4

If you decide to visit eRitchie Art I would like to remind you that you can see other examples of my work at:

And while you are at it why not have a look around eRitchie Art and check out my gallery pages for:

Well, hmm … that’s about it. Will I manage to work on my project this coming week? Who knows, I guess we won’t know for another 7 days. However, if you should be reading this in the future then you probably know the answer. In which case if you are reading this in the future then it is not your future but instead your present.

You can follow me if you wish to see the next steps. Or if you have found your way here long after this post then follow the links below.

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