I have been committed …

I am fully committed to this painting. The painting that never ends would be how I describe my current project. I have been working on it for about 7 weeks and still not finished. Fortunately that’s okay because I have no end date. I’ll work on it until it’s done.

My drawing activities have been set aside while I push forward to finish this abomination. Over the past few weeks I have been whining about how difficult the process has been. I have made peace with my work and now it’s just a matter of labour and technique (OK fine, … still room for some creative thought).

I have included some details of what I did during the week. (click on the images for a larger view).

Full size image so far
Full size image – as of week 7.
Close up current painting-1
A few touches of highlight colour to get a sense of how I will light this section.
Close up current painting-2
Added some non-organic colour and texture.
Close up current painting-3
Created texture on the rock-like shapes.
Close up current painting-4
Decided to fill a negative space with rock-like shapes.

This has been a good week of painting. I sense the end is near and no, I’m not talking about the end of the world — yeesh! Although if you spend all of your time reading certain blogs you might think so — anyway I’m off topic. How can I be off topic when I can choose to edit anything I write. I’m just rambling.

Although the progress was good this week I really don’t have much to say, thus I choose this moment to babble away. And yes I am committed — to this abomination!

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I’m in a love/hate relationship with my painting – as usual!

Ed Ritchie

You can follow me if you wish to see the next steps. Or if you have found your way here long after this post then follow the links below.

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