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The Universe Made Me Do It

Sometimes the universe works against you and other times it works for you.

Normally I try to balance my time between drawing and painting. However, this week due to circumstances and a certain asshole I was unable to sit down and draw as I would normally. Bummer, however, this turned out to be an opportunity to spend more time working on my current painting project which I have tentatively entitled “Singularity”.

Over the past month or so I have been struggling with “getting into” my painting and now, because of this, I have become engrossed in my painting. It was just simply a matter of allocating more time.

Of course the drawing suffers. That’s okay because my drawings were becoming stale. I needed a break.

As for my painting — I’m still feeling my way around but it’s slowly taking shape and I can see an end point. Now it’s just a matter of devoting all of my energy and time to this project.

I have finally convinced my inner self that not every brush has to be perfect or correct. After all, it’s only a painting. A painting is nothing more than just dabs of paint on a surface. To mean something more is up to you — the viewer.

The best part of painting: seeing paint go from my brush to the canvas — spectacular!

Ed Ritchie

Below is a short video fly over. Hopefully it loads.

Work in progress — video fly over (45 sec.)

You can follow me if you wish to see the next steps. Or if you have found your way here long after this post then follow the links below.

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